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Child Goggles: Giggly Goggles

Child Goggles: Giggly Goggles


The Giggly Goggles, swim goggles, are the most fun and comfortable goggles! Kids can put these goggles on by themselves with no need for any adjustments – the special bungee band on the side makes for an easy fit for most sizes. Aside from not pulling one’s hair or hurting the bridge of the nose, these cool looking Neoprene masks are sure to put a smile on every face and allow the kids to go undercover, underwater!

Clear lens goggles available to two sizes: Small (18 mos-4 yrs) & Medium (4-10yrs)

  • Details

    Small: Babies & Toddlers (18 mos to 4 yrs) & Medium: Kids (4-10 yrs)
    Brand: DaphDaphe Giggly Goggles

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